we understand the art of marketing and promotion much better than others

Having successfully managed several business launches over the years, we can safely say that we understand the art of marketing and promotion much better than most others.

How well you market your products and services happens to impact your business’ success in a big way. Even in case you are having an excellent business plan, it is of no good use if you do not market it well.

We at ELV offer a slew of marketing & promotional services ranging from brand awareness to market surveys and financial analysis to creation of distribution networks for our esteemed clients. We have mastered the science of consumer behavior and reaching out to customers for any new product launch. Subsequently, our successful strategic implementations range across small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Our marketing and professional services include :

  • Contact and Concept Selling
  • Marketing and sales assistance
  • Advertisement of products and services
  • Building brand awareness
  • Conducting market surveys
  • Preparation of feasibility and viability reports
  • Development of a effective marketing strategy
  • Creation of a sound, profitable distribution network
  • Development of niche market in India
  • Conduct marketing campaigns both online and offline
  • Sales meeting between corporate clients and agents
  • Financial analysis
  • Identification of areas with huge potential for marketing
  • Consulting for boosting company sales
  • Appointment of professionals as well as business associates