India is a lucrative place to tap upon if you are ready to stretch and innovate. The extensive population of varied background and interests can convert your dream idea into a well-established business entity.

Make-In-India and many other business friendly campaigns hosted by the Government have made India into a magnet. Enterprises from all over the world have attested their interest in investing here.

How do we at ELV ensure that your business has a cracking start ?
Our proven expertise in performing important activities such as market research & analysis, competition analysis etc help you gain that extra edge and stay ahead of competition.

While you get in sync with the current market trends, we offer the following :

  • Formation of company/entity anywhere in India
  • Proprietary assistance
  • Partnership Firm & Proprietary assistance
  • Setting up partnership firm
  • Representation of foreign firms in India
  • Registration of a new company
  • Setting up Project office/ branch anywhere in India
  • Market study and consumer research
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Tax filing